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We work hard to find what works for each client, whether it's redesigning the organizational structure from scratch, or merely refining the good work that you may have already done, whether all you need is a short and targeted consultation, or the assistance of a dedicated team for a long-term commitment to help you through each phase of growth.

The Journey

At Aiden Consulting we understand that every client’s journey is unique. Although we have refined our methodology over years of experience, we also know the value of taking the time to understanding each client’s story, and working together with the client to come up with a tailored solution that works for them.




We are dedicated to your journey, we want to be part of your success. We take the time to understand your history, your aspirations, and help you in crafting a sustainable path towards your unique journey.

Aiden Consulting provides clients with a cost-effective way to broaden their organizational design, strategic planning, and administrative thought processes





At Aiden Consulting we are dedicated to helping you achieve sustainable growth.  Our mission is to see you safely beyond this transformation phase, to help create a great place to work for your growing team.

We provide comprehensive solutions for fast growing companies looking to optimize organisational structure, administrative processes, governance, and select the right administrative technology tools and ERP systems.

Our specialized experience and expertise, dedicated team, a combination of tried and tested approaches and tailored solutions all come together to make for a smooth, efficient, and sustainable journey from Start-up phase, through growth and survival phase, expansion phase, and all the way to maturity phase.


3605 Cadboro Bay Road, 

Victoria, BC V8R 5K9

Tel: 250-813 3310

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